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Thursday, 15 November 2012

My venture into cartography

A while ago, while thinking up plots for roleplay, the seed of an idea was planted for a location. Over the months that seed has grown to such extent that i feel the need to express the idea somehow.

I plan to paint a map of Triton (the name i've given to the city) and write up a background. I've started making notes and decided on the materials (Acrylic paint and the wooden back of a mirror).

As i make more progress i shall make further updates.

This is the board cleaned up (had globs of paint on it)

I've primed the board


  1. ooh! pretty black canvas! well... wooden board... really interested to see how this turns out... if it's anything like you learning keyboard should be very interesting.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how you go about the lake and canal system you mentioned to me.

    1. Now I'm worried i'll not meet your expectations :-S

      I plan to work on it tomorrow, so who knows, maybe i'll update with further progress

    2. I expect you are going to put paint on that there black board... And that it is for the purpose of creating a map...

      I don't think you can fail...