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Thursday, 15 November 2012

My venture into cartography

A while ago, while thinking up plots for roleplay, the seed of an idea was planted for a location. Over the months that seed has grown to such extent that i feel the need to express the idea somehow.

I plan to paint a map of Triton (the name i've given to the city) and write up a background. I've started making notes and decided on the materials (Acrylic paint and the wooden back of a mirror).

As i make more progress i shall make further updates.

This is the board cleaned up (had globs of paint on it)

I've primed the board

Reaper Kickstarter

This post is going to be a record of the rewards I receive from Reaper for backing their Bones Kickstarter.

OK... maybe this is a bit of a late start, maybe I should have started when I first backed the project and tracked it's progress, but I only decided to do this recently so I'm going to focus on the receipt of rewards and what I do with them afterwards.

I'll admit I do lack motivation when it comes to painting mini's, so I'm hoping this will help.

The rewards I'll be receiving are:

-- Vampire
-- Fire Giants
-- Ebonwrath
-- Frost Giants
-- Undead Paint Set
-- Mind Your Manors
-- Figure Case
-- There Be Dragons
-- Demons
-- Deathsleet
-- Undead Giant
-- Clockwork Dragon
-- Red Dragon
-- Starter Set 2
-- IMEF Paint Set
-- Spider Centaurs
-- Fire Giant Warriors
-- Forces Of Nature
-- Frost Wyrm
-- Jabberwock
-- Deep Dwellers
-- Nethyrmaul
-- Hydra
-- Kaladrax Reborn
-- C'thulhu
-- Kickstarter Sophie

They are due to be sent to me in March 2013, except Kickstarter Sophie, which should be being sent

Friday, 2 November 2012


Welcome to my blog 

I was originally going to focus on the rewards I will be receiving from the Reaper Bones project from Kickstarter, and what I subsequently do with them. After a discussion with a friend I've realised i have various other things i could share with anyone who cares to look.